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About the Suffolk energy-from-waste facility

Suffolk is one of the best areas in the country for recycling, with a household waste recycling rate of over 50%. However, this still leaves over 170,000 tonnes of household waste – plus business waste – that currently goes to landfill.

In 2006, Suffolk County Council started to look for a cost-effective and sustainable alternative – a technology that would put the waste to good use.

Following extensive research and a detailed tendering process, the council signed contracts with SITA UK to build and then run an energy-from-waste facility to deal with the county’s waste for the next 25 years.

Energy-from-waste uses tried and tested technology to provide a sustainable alternative to disposing of residual waste in landfill. At the same time, it puts the waste to good use as a fuel to generate electricity and potentially heat for local use.

The facility sits alongside the Suffolk Waste Partnership’s goal to recycle or compost 60 per cent of municipal waste by 2015. By diverting waste from landfill, recovering valuable energy from the waste left after recycling and reducing the county’s dependence on fossil fuels, the facility also supports SUEZ’s aim to live in a society where there is no more waste and Suffolk County Council’s ambition to make Suffolk the greenest county.

Work started on site in January 2012 and the facility began operating in December 2014.

SUEZ recycling and recovery UK

SUEZ recycling and recovery UK is a recycling and resource management company. Our purpose is to protect our environment by putting waste to good use.

SUEZ recycling and recovery UK employs more than 5,000 people and provides specialist recycling and waste management services for over 40,000 businesses and 12 million residents nationally. We operate from over 300 locations throughout the UK and have a network of recycling and waste recovery facilities where waste is put to good use – enabling our customers to reduce their impact on the environment.

Suffolk County Council

Suffolk County Council is responsible for disposing of household waste from across Suffolk. It works hand-in-hand with the county’s seven district and borough councils, who collect the waste.

Together, the eight councils make up the Suffolk Waste Partnership and their shared aim is to minimise levels of waste generated and to manage waste in ways that are environmentally, economically and socially sustainable.

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