Our work and the local community

We are committed to being a good neighbour and to ensure that the local community and wider Suffolk residents are fully informed - from the proposals, through to construction and present day - we have undertaken a comprehensive engagement programme, where we have sought feedback from local residents and interested parties.

This has included a series of public exhibitions, newsletters, information packs and a community liaison group. The newsletter, which is sent to about 9,000 homes and businesses around the site, can be downloaded here. The minutes from community liaison group meetings can be viewed here.

We have a visitor centre at the facility, which showcases how waste is dealt with in Suffolk and how the energy-from-waste process works. Groups can tour the facility and learn about what happens there, as well as wider environmental information.

In addition, the SITA Trust works to provide funding to improve the natural environment and community life. The Trust distributes money donated by SITA UK, although it is independent and has its own board, which decides which projects to support. It operates a number of funds, including one for projects within three-miles of a SITA UK facility. Find out more here.

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