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Suffolk energy-from-waste facility's visitor centre

The visitor centre showcases how waste is dealt with in Suffolk and how the energy-from-waste process is helping to make Suffolk the Greenest County.

It has been designed as a state of the art centre, promoting the three R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle) and not forgetting the fourth R – recover, plus how the energy from waste facility is doing that by generating electricity. The experience is open to adults and children offering interactive activities and a tour of the facility. Visitors will leave armed with a wealth of information about waste management in Suffolk and top tips on how to be ‘greener’.

Design Map, the award-winning creators of the Cutty Sark exhibition in London, were commissioned to develop the visitor centre, with input from teachers and pupils from local primary and secondary schools along with representatives from the Greenest County Initiative and University Campus Suffolk.

The visitor centre can accommodate groups of up to 20 at any one time. If you are interested in making a group booking for the visitor centre, please complete the online booking form.

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